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USDA Mortgage Rates

SALES PRICE: $343,750
LOAN TERM: 30 years
PRODUCT: Fixed Rate - Rates are subject to change without notice.

Loan Terms

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Monthly Principal & Interest
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Closing Cost Details

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A. Origination Charges


0.125 % of Loan Amount (Points)


Loan Origination Fee


Transaction Fee


Warehouse Fee


Other Costs

E. Taxes and Other Government Fees


Recording Fees and Other Taxes


Transfer Taxes

F. Prepaids


Homeowner’s Insurance Premium ( 12 months)


Mortgage Insurance Premium ( months)

Prepaid Interest ($54.70 / day for 1 days @ 4.875%)


PropertyTaxes ( months)

B. Services You Cannot Shop For


Appraisal Fee


Contract Processing Fee


Credit Report


Document Preparation Fee


Flood Certification


Tax Service Fee


USDA Guarantee Fee


G. Initial Escrow Payment at Closing


Homeowner’s Insurance $95.00 per month for 3 mo.


Mortgage Insurance per month for 0 mo.

Property Taxes $575.00 per month for 2 mo.


H. Other


HOA Transfer Fees




C. Services You Can Shop For


Survey Fee


Title - Lender's Title Insurance


Title - Settlement/Escrow Fee


Title - Tax Certificate Fee




D + I


Lender Credits

Calculating Cash to Close

Total Closing Costs (J)


Closing Costs Financed (Paid from your Loan Amount)


Down Payment/Funds from Borrower




Funds for Borrower


Seller Credits


Adjustments and Other Credits


Estimated Cash to Close




How to get best interest rates in Houston...


When purchasing a home searching for the best interest rates in Houston is in many occasions a complicated full-time work.

Buying a house involves many complex decisions and besides finding the right house, it would be fair to say the most important task is the best mortgage loan interest rate and of course your credit report will play an important role. Whether we seek for a Conventional Loan, VA Loan or FHA Loan, making sure we will not be paying more interest than we should otherwise with a better interest rate over a 15- or 30-year term is extremely important. Remember even with poor credit scores, home loans for bad credit do exist and thus this is a job we must go thru to find the right mortgage lender towards home ownership. It is wise for first time homebuyers to ask Loan Officer minimum credit score requirements for each loan program we may be interested in to buy a home.

Consider the following hypothetical scenario which in no way is an offer or extension for credit at 2 different possible interest rates assuming $0 closing costs and no mortgage insurance. We offered $325,000 for the perfect house and seller has accepted. Therefore, the following numbers:

Purchase price: $325,000
Down Payment: $16,250 (5%)
Loan Amount: $308,750
Option 1 at 4.875% - Monthly payment: $1,633.93
Option 2 at 4.625% - Monthly payment: $1,587.41

If we were going to close the purchase of such house at the higher interest rate of 4.875% and a payment of $1,633.93, the opportunity cost of not closing at the lower rate of 4.625% would be $34,299.30. Why? Because if we were to choose higher interest rate and thus higher monthly payment if applied to lower rate on a 30-year mortgage, we would accelerate the term of our loan by 21 payments at $1,633.93 would equals the $34,299.30. And any other effort to pay more would equally accelerate faster the repayment of the note.

But finding the best interest rates in Houston not only depends on finding the cheapest bank but also finding the best partnership to complete the home purchase. Clear Lending offers the best interest rates in Houston by setting up Realtor-Loan Officer partnerships where better rates can be obtained than most competitors without the need to waste time searching for dozens of banks and lenders.

Simply apply and we will start your home loan approval with all your options to compare.


Customers Reviews:

  • Brandon Saavedra • Jule 06, 2023

    Joan Gallardo and his team have been great help in the home buying process. They go above and beyond to ensure all questions are answered and all due dates are met. I would highly recommend clear lending to any future home buyer.

  • Laura Vazquez • May 15, 2021

    Words really can’t express our gratitude to Joan and his attentive and polite team of experts, ( Patricia and Jorge) who were always professional and answered all our questions promptly in a knowledgeable manner. After searching many places that did not show interest in addressing our concerns, we found Clear Lending, from the very first phone call we felt appreciated and understood. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend Clear Lending to everyone!

  • Blanca Perez • August 21, 2020

    Nuestra experiencia con Clear Lending fue sin duda una de las mejores. Al principio pensamos que era imposible comprar casa pero con la ayuda de Joan y su equipo nuestro sueño se hizo realidad. Si tienes duda llama ellos siempre estan disponibles. Incluso una amiga quien estuvo en mi caso ya obtuvo su primer casa. MIL GRACIAS!!!

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