Préstamos hipotecarios para altas tasas de endeudamiento


Do you find it difficult to complete the purchase at home due to a large debt? Has your bank recently deprived you and your family of buying that perfect home due to overlapping debts or past financial problems? If the answers to these questions are YES, you may need to look for a mortgage loan for high debt reasons.

The debt / income ratio indicates what percentage of your income is paying off your debt each month. The high ratio of debt to income means that a large part of your income goes towards paying your debts each month, while a smaller proportion means that a smaller portion of your income is spent on paying debts.


Aquellos que planean comprar una casa encontrarán que la aprobación de préstamos hipotecarios para altas tasas de deuda está casi fuera de alcance. A continuación, compartiremos 3 consejos que lo ayudarán a calificar para préstamos hipotecarios por una alta proporción de deuda. Sin embargo, es importante recordar que cada prestamista tiene sus propios requisitos de préstamo diferentes, también llamados superposiciones, por lo que cada uno analizará la relación deuda-ingreso del solicitante de manera diferente.

Para aumentar sus posibilidades de calificar para un préstamo hipotecario, echemos un vistazo a cómo puede superar su relación deuda / ingreso y calificar para comprar la casa de sus sueños:

1. Crea un plan - A menos que tenga una necesidad urgente de comprar una casa y no pueda esperar, le sugerimos que se contacte primero con nosotros para aconsejar sobre qué cuentas debe invertir primero para reducir su índice de deuda. Creíble o no, hace la diferencia la orden de pagar préstamos estudiantiles, tarjetas de crédito, pagos de automóviles, muebles o cualquier otro tipo de préstamos ya sea en cuotas o cuentas renovables. En un escenario ideal, tener un índice de deuda por debajo del 36% puede aumentar sus posibilidades de calificar para un préstamo hipotecario, pero hemos aprobado más del 50%.

2. Incremento del anticipo - Aunque pagar un pago inicial grande podría no ser una opción viable para algunos solicitantes, es algo que, de ser posible, sugerimos. Los compradores con IRAs u otras cuentas de jubilación deben considerar los ahorros en intereses y el gasto de PMI frente al aumento en el valor de dichos activos. No solo puede ser una buena inversión, sino también mostrarle al prestamista la seriedad de su decisión de comprar una casa e indicar su compromiso con la inversión, aumentando así sus posibilidades de calificar para préstamos hipotecarios por una alta proporción de deuda.

3. Asistencia del Gobierno - Si encuentra que los préstamos hipotecarios para altas tasas de deuda no son una opción disponible para usted con prestamistas privados, entonces recurrir a los programas gubernamentales de préstamos hipotecarios es la mejor opción para usted. Estos programas de préstamos hipotecarios fueron diseñados y desarrollados por el gobierno para promover la propiedad de vivienda al proporcionar asistencia financiera a aquellos que no pueden comprar una casa a través de otros medios debido a la falta de disponibilidad financiera o un buen historial crediticio.

Creado por la Administración Federal de la Vivienda, el préstamo hipotecario FHA es emitido por prestamistas aprobados por la FHA y proporciona los siguientes beneficios:

• Los préstamos de la FHA permiten que el prestatario obtenga la aprobación para el préstamo hipotecario a pesar del alto índice de deuda.
• Puede comprar una casa con un pago inicial tan bajo como el 3.5%.
• Hay un seguro hipotecario más bajo con un préstamo de la FHA.
• La FHA brinda mejores tasas de interés en comparación con otros préstamos hipotecarios.

En Clear Lending, llevaremos a cabo un análisis gratuito de sus ratios que lo ayudará a comprender sus posibilidades de calificar para préstamos hipotecarios por razones de deuda elevadas. Simplemente contáctenos y lo ayudaremos con el mejor plan para comprar la casa de sus sueños.

No esperes más y descubra hoy por cuánto puede pre-aprobar.

If you are thinking about buying or refinancing your mortgage loan, Clear Lending can help you. Simply submit our Pre-Approval Form and we will contact you immediately to review the best options for you.

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Valoraciones de Clientes:

  • Samantha Villarreal • January 25, 2018

    Joan Gallardo, Elena, and the rest of the team at Clear Lending really impressed me from the beginning! They are the most honest, ethical, humble, and hardworking team I have ever come across. They are the true experts in the home mortgage/ lending industry. I met Joan after being jerked around by Quicken Loans for 2 months. Quicken tried to screw me over so bad with fees thinking I was not going to read any documents. They are pure scum! I was days away from closing when Quicken told me "Not everyone can afford a home". Then I called and spoke with Joan and within an hour, he told me that a home purchase was definitely doable. Being a first time home buyer, I was very nervous about the whole process, and more so having to go through it a second time. However, Joan worked tirelessly, like I've never seen before. He explained everything to me in detail and always answered when I called; something that is very important in my eyes. There was never any gimmicks, just truth. He was always optimistic even when I was down and feeling hopeless. The exceptional service that Joan and Clear Lending provided me was just beyond what words can explain. They definitely think of every single option before giving any glimpse of negativity. Clear Lending was able to get my debt to income approved and the bank to approve my loan; All in 1 month! One major hurdle that Joan assisted me with was with my employment. The day of my closing, I got word that I was laid off. I thought the deal was dead and I was going to lose all the money I had already put down. It was one of the worst possible things that could happen. I had given up! I had no hope! I could not close on that day, but Joan went as far as speaking with the bank, and seller's realtor to extend the contract. Once extended, I was blessed enough to find another job (same industry) the very next week and with a strong Verification of Employment, I was able to close on my home AND with a low interest rate that no one else can beat! I truly feel blessed to have worked with Joan and Clear Lending. Joan and the rest of the staff wholeheartedly care about their clients. I would not think twice about referring Joan and Clear Lending to anyone. I will forever remember the hard work and dedication Joan provided to me. With gratitude and so much appreciation, I want to thank everyone at Clear Lending. I am officially a home owner! And it's all because of your outstanding work ethic.

  • Seba & Murat • December 31, 2015

    Joan is the first loan officer we worked with, however, we were lucky we found him as we saved so much time. Although house presented some handicaps, he took care of everything. He knows what to do after so many years of experince. If you are planning to buy a house, I advise to submit a loan application and soon will enjoy your new home!

    Thank you Joan for your time and efforts!

  • Mireia Rivera • March 03, 2020

    My husband and I are very happy to give these 5 stars. From Haverhill, Massachusetts to Houston TX. ClearLending, with open doors, and with limitless help of Patricia and Joan, today we can say “We are home owner’s”. We are truly blessed! There was never an unanswered question or unanswered phone call. There were with us step by step even though we were 1900 miles away. We would like yo take this opportunity to say thank you! You guys are great!

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