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Programa 3% ENTRADA:

La entrada mas baja de la industria


Con la entrada más baja, el Programa 3% ENTRADA se ha convertido en la solución para compradores con fondos limitados para el cierre...


El Programa 3% DOWN PMT permite a los compradores poseer capital adicional tras cerrar la compra de la propiedad en comparacion al programa convencional tradicional. El importe total por parte del comprador equivale al 3% del precio de compra.

Características del Programa 3% DOWN PMT incluyen:

- Tipos de interés bajos.
- Cierre de 30 días o menos.
- Disponible sin seguro mensual hipotecario.
- 97% LTV - 3% de capital para su prestatario.
- Puntaje FICO de mínimo 620.
- Prestamista permite tambien 5% de contribucion.
- La ratio máxima entre la deuda y los ingresos se establecerán mediante los resultados de la suscripción automatizada.

El Programa 3% DOWN PMT requiere que los prestatarios verifiquen su elegibilidad.

No esperes más y descubra hoy por cuánto puede pre-aprobar.

Si está pensando en comprar o refinanciar su préstamo hipotecario convencional, Clear Lending le puede ayudar. Basta con someter nuestro Formulario de Pre-aprobación y nos pondremos en contacto con usted de inmediato para revisar las mejores opciones para usted.

No todos los solicitantes calificarán. Este anuncio no es una oferta para una extensión de crédito. Por favor consulte con un oficial de crédito hipotecario licenciado para obtener más información ya que los programas están disponibles sólo para los prestatarios calificados. Los programas, tarifas, términos y programas están sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso. No todos los préstamos, préstamos, tamaños o productos pueden aplicar. Los préstamos están sujetos a las calificaciones de los prestatarios, incluyendo los ingresos, la evaluación de la propiedad, la equidad suficiente en el hogar para cumplir con los requisitos de préstamo a valor y la aprobación final de crédito. Las aprobaciones están sujetas a las directrices de suscripción y directrices del programa y están sujetas a cambios sin previo aviso. Algunas restricciones pueden aplicarse.

Valoraciones de Clientes:

  • Destiny Dscott • April 01, 2015

    Joan is a great loan officer. I couldn't have asked for a better person. I had one loan officer that felt like she couldn't get me approved. Joan stepped in and was effective and very assertive. He made sure I got approved!

  • Rosbel Castro • January 12, 2019

    Thank you soooo much Joan, Patricia and Samantha for helping us purchase our first home ever. My wife and I are so thankful there are no words to express the joy we feel each time we open the door of our house. I say to my wife… wait is this our house? Then I remember that yes, we just closed few days ago…. LOL. Jokes aside everything you Joan have done for us ever since day one is beyond any words of appreciation. In our case, we truly feel you have been godsent. I still remember the day my wife and I went to Wells Fargo to be told our chances were very limited due to my taxes’ deductions and so we needed to wait 2 possibly 3 years???? My own bank Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase, Capital One and God knows how many places we tried. Each one gave us similar reasons but at the end the message was that we didn’t qualify and zero instructions. Well yes, the instructions were that our taxes didn’t reveal the true picture and health of my business operations. Great and now what? Nothing. And so, I stopped searching. Sometime later after talking to a client about my hopeless attempt to buy a house, he told me about a loan officer who showed up from time to time in the radio station offering home loan programs traditional banks would not offer. And so, I started googling until I found Clear Lending. I asked my colleague and bingo! This was the company. And so, I applied online, got a call back very fast, completed an application over the phone, sent income documents and then I was asked to go with my wife at their office. After one hour or so, I was given precise instructions to become a home owner with a government loan program. All I remember was… “If you follow my advice, we will make it happen”. And a year later, Joan got us the house of our dreams, negotiated best deal to cover most closing costs and closed our loan with a 4.25% interest rate when my own was offering me 4.875%???? I am so thankful I found this guy I still cannot believe the miracle he worked for us. Again, thank you Joan and your team for being a true servant and valuable tool to make possible what for me I was told bank after bank to stop searching as it was not possible. I will always refer you absolutely everyone desiring to buy a house. You are indeed the miracle man!!!!

  • Fernando & Araceli • January 14, 2016

    Dear Joan,


    I am writing you to say Thank You for making our dream come true. My family and I appreciate all the time and effort that you gave on this journey of helping us towards acquiring our dream house. We thank you for all the phone calls that you made including those at late hours, the letters that you wrote, for helping us with our credit, for all the updates, for taking the time on the negotiation to get the price to a fair point, and for going above and beyond in this process. We will definitely recommend you to anybody that is seeking help in buying their own new home. I am grateful that you were the one by our side during every step of the way.


    Many thanks from Fernando and Araceli.

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